Meet Tidewater Charters

Captain Tyler Nonn &
The Tidewater Story

Tidewater Charters is owned and operated by Captain Tyler Nonn. Since establishing the company in 2009, Tyler’s guide services specialize in Chesapeake Bay Fly Fishing and Chesapeake Bay Light Tackle fishing for striped bass, redfish, and cobia in the Chesapeake Bay. Other offerings outside of the Eastern Shore include guide services out of the Florida Keys.

Tyler’s philosophy as a guide is to move with the fish – from December to March Tidewater Charters skip out on the cold waters of the East and bases guided trips out of the Florida Keys. Most time is spent around Big Pine Key targeting sailfish, blackfin tuna, cobia, tarpon, kingfish and more.

Starting in April Tyler and Tidewater return to the Eastern Shore to capitalize on the giant migratory striped bass that invade the upper Chesapeake Bay for their annual spring spawning run. Although water temperatures rise in May, Tyler continues the pursuit of striped bass and guides from the lower Chesapeake Bay to the coastal waters of Virginia.

Tyler proudly equips anglers of any age or skill for success during a trip. Offering all top-notch equipment for their use that day. Most guide trips Tyler offers are suitable for two anglers but can accommodate up to four.

An image of Captain Robbie Hiro of Tidewater Charters

Captain Robbie Hiro

Capt. Robbie Hiro is the newest member to the Tidewater Charters’ team. Robbie has been fishing for a living after graduating school seven years ago. Working as a full time mate and captain in the Florida Keys, Capt. Robbie has excelled in the Chesapeake Bay and has become a incredible guide, teacher and steward of the environment. His enthusiasm can been seen each and every day on the boat. He couldn’t be more excited to share his passion for the fishery!

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Fish with the Tidewater Fishing Team

Tidewater specializes in Fly & Light Tackle expeditions on the Eastern Shore and in lower Chesapeake Bay. With the knowledge and know-how to get you on the fish, the experienced anglers at Tidewater have what it takes to create lasting memories of hot fishing action for both new and seasoned fishermen.

Striped Bass or Shad Fishing

During the spring and Fall months Tidewater Charters can be found on the Upper Bay and Mid Chesapeake Bay. Fly fishing and light tackle anglers can chase striped bass in only a few feet of water at this time of year under birds and on one the many flats and rivers throughout this stretch of the bay.

Sight-fishing for Striped Bass, Redfish & Cobia

If you’ve been searching for the opportunity to sight fish to giant striped bass in skinny water this is your chance!

Cobia, Redfish, Speckled Trout, Striped bass and more...

When conditions line up the Eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay comes to life and gives the light tackle or fly angler unbelievable opportunities for multiple species.

Come fish with Tidewater Charters!


An image of a Tidewater Charters guest with a large redfish.