Tidewater Charters is owned and operated by Captain Tyler Nonn. Since establishing the company in 2009, Tyler’s guide services specialize in Chesapeake Bay Fly Fishing and Chesapeake Bay Light Tackle fishing for striped bass, redfish, and cobia in the Chesapeake Bay. Other offerings outside of the Eastern Shore include guide services out of the Florida Keys.

Tyler’s philosophy as a guide is to move with the fish – from December to March Tidewater Charters skip out on the cold waters of the East and bases guided trips out of the Florida Keys. Most time is spent around Big Pine Key targeting sailfish, blackfin tuna, cobia, tarpon, kingfish and more.

Starting in April Tyler and Tidewater return to the Eastern Shore to capitalize on the giant migratory striped bass that invade the upper Chesapeake Bay for their annual spring spawning run. Although water temperatures rise in May, Tyler continues the pursuit of striped bass and guides from the lower Chesapeake Bay to the coastal waters of Virginia.

Tyler proudly equips anglers of any age or skill for success during a trip. Offering all top-notch equipment for their use that day. Most guide trips Tyler offers are suitable for two anglers but can accommodate up to four.


Capt. Robbie Hiro is the newest member to the Tidewater Charters’ team. Robbie has been fishing for a living after graduating school seven years ago. Working as a full time mate and captain in the Florida Keys, Capt. Robbie has excelled in the Chesapeake Bay and has become a incredible guide, teacher and steward of the environment. His enthusiasm can been seen each and every day on the boat. He couldn’t be more excited to share his passion for the fishery!

Tidewater gift certificates are available and make great Father’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas Gifts. Click here to learn more about trip details and rates or contact Tyler to purchase a guide service now.




Striped Bass or Shad Fishing 

Season: April – Early May

Launching from: North East, MD

During the spring months Tidewater Charters can be found on the Upper Bay and Mid Chesapeake Bay. Fly fishing and light tackle anglers can chase giant striped bass in only a few feet of water at this time of year.

These fish climb out of their deep winter holding areas and give you a great opportunity to hook up with a truly massive fish. Anglers can throw giant streamers on 10 to 12wt fly rods or large soft baits, poppers, and crank baits on spinning and bait casting equipment. Both Fly fishing and light tackle produce trophy fish.

Very popular among fly anglers – the presence of American and Hickory Shad are a sure sign that spring is coming and hot action for those who like to fly rod in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Fly or jig fishing these prolific fish is a great time and the perfect opportunity for experienced anglers looking to have a fun day out or bring the kids. Lots of action and fiery fights to reel in is almost a guarantee. Contact Tyler now to book a Shad fishing trip.

If Chesapeake Bay fly fishing and Light Tackle fishing interests you contact Tyler to book a guide service now.


Sight Fishing for Striped Bass, Redfish, and Black Drum

Season: May

Launching from: Eastern Shore, Virginia

If you’ve been searching for the opportunity to sight fish to giant striped bass in skinny water this is your chance! To protect the fishery I am not going to put any more details on my website, however, this is two week window in May so don’t hesitate to contact Tyler now in order to book in advance.


Cobia, Redfish, Bottomfish Fishing 

Season: June-September

Launching from: Eastern Shore, Virginia

Conditions are very sensitive but when the stars come together Virginia is home to some of the best cobia fishing on the planet. Sight fishing to giant cobia, fish over 50lbs are almost a daily occurrence. Contact Tyler for details and opportunities to book a service for these trips.


Striped Bass Fishing

Season: September-November

Launching from: Mid Chesapeake, Maryland

For these trips we will fish the most remote waters you can find in Maryland – it’s a great opportunity to see what been hiding in your backyard. Using slightly different techniques than most we put high numbers of 18″ to 26″ and sometimes as big as 32″ fish in the boat daily. Top water, fly fishing, jigging or any combination can make for a fun and exciting day, don’t wait to contact Tyler and book now as these trips are popular with Tidewater fans.


Tidewater Charters practices CATCH & RELEASE of ALL STRIPED BASS OVER 36 INCHES. 


Inshore, Offshore, Night Tarpon 

Season: December – April

Launching from: Big Pine Key, Florida

Tidewater heads south with boat in tow, our winter operations based out of Big Pine Key which is about 25 miles from Key West, Florida. Sailfish typically arrive mid-January and stay through March in fishable numbers.

Along with our inshore and offshore fishing program we love to catch aggressive juvenile tarpon are night in the Big Pine area. There are lots of pinch points and feed areas where the juvenile tarpon, up to 60lbs, congregate to feed at night on outgoing tides. It’s a ton of fun and many anglers have the opportunity to hook multiple tarpon in a night. Contact Tyler now if you are interested in the opportunity to fish out of Florida with Tidewater.




Striped Bass or Shad Fishing 

Half Day Trips (4 hours): $650


Full Day (7-8 hours) : $850

Night Trips / Half Day Trips: $650


Striped Bass Fishing 

Extended half day (5 hours): $650


Inshore or Offshore Fishing

Full Day (7-8 hours): $950

Half Day/Night Tarpon Fishing

4 hours: $650

All rates are based on max of four anglers.


What we supply:

  • All top notch fly and spinning rods
  • Flies, lures, and/or bait
  • Water
  • A great time!

What you need to bring:

  • Rain gear
  • Camera
  • Lunch and any beverage you would like besides water



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